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Sound Shakers
Type: Crafts   Skills: Language & LiteracyPlay & Creativity
This activity involves creating simple homemade sound shakers. Kids of all ages will learn how different items sound and how bottles filled at different levels create different sounds. They will also develop language skills through describing the different noises they hear and naming the objects used in the sound shakers. Sound Shakers
What We Learn
How to recognize different sounds
Language development
Supply List
Plastic water bottles
Duct tape
Items to place inside bottles, such as plastic beads, small marbles, popcorn kernels, bird seed, pebbles, etc.
First, set up the area which youíll be assembling your sound shakers. Set out empty plastic water bottles and put out bowls with assorted items that will be put into these bottles. The items can be just about anything: plastic beads, small marbles, popcorn kernels, bird seed, pebbles, etc.

Next, have the older children help to put these items into the empty water bottles. Have them use a funnel to make it easier to introduce them into the bottles.

Make sure that they fill the bottles at varying levels so they can create an assortment of sounds. A bottle filled one-fourth with marbles will sound different than a bottle filled half-way.

Next, screw the plastic cap onto the bottles. Then tear off a piece of duct tape and securely tape the top of the water bottle to ensure the kids donít accidentally open it.

Finally, let the children explore the sounds they create by playing with their homemade sound shakers. Even infants will be able to explore different sounds by playing with the shakers. Itís important to start these types of activities early on for infants. Donít wait for them to get older to do it.

Kids with special needs can also participate because itís an activity the child can do at his or her own level. If a child needs help, participate and engage with them, interacting and helping them shake the shakers.
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