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Healthy Meals
Type: Recipes   Skills: Health & Safety
Having kids helping to prepare a meal can help prevent obesity in kids because, first and foremost, they did it themselves. Because they helped make the meal, they’re going to be more likely to eat it. It just brings healthier meals to the family. Healthy Meals
What We Learn
Develop healthy eating habits early
Eat smaller portions throughout the day
Kids need to be active at least one hour a day
Be supportive
Supply List
Salad Ingredients:
Red bell pepper
Lite or fat-free dressing
Chicken Soup Ingredients:
Chicken Broth
Skinless chicken breast
Chayote or Squash
Chicken Burrito Ingredients:
Skinless chicken breast
Wheat Tortillas
Rice (white or Spanish)
Shredded Lettuce
Diced Tomatoes
Diced Carrots
Salad Salads can be a fun way to prepare a meal by getting whole family involved. Even little kids can wash lettuce and tear it up. The older kids can do things like cutting up a cucumber. Use different colors and varieties of vegetable so the kids get excited. You can use tomatoes, beets, cabbage, radishes – any number of a variety of ingredients. Finally, top the salad off with a healthy dressing – something that’s light or fat-free. You can also just squeeze lemon juice to give the salad a nice, fresh taste.

Chicken Soup For busy parents, you can prepare chicken soup easily on the weekend. Again, get the kids involved in the cooking. It’s just chicken--boiling chicken and lots of different vegetables. Here we have carrots and cabbage. You can use squash. Put some celery in there, onions, and cook it up. Then what’s nice is that at the beginning of the week, you can use the leftovers from your chicken soup for healthy burritos.

Chicken Burritos To take your leftovers from a soup and putting it into a healthier burrito, first, you want to cook some extra chicken in there so you have some left over. Sometimes you might have some big pieces in there. so you should shred them all up. Use the chicken broth when you make your rice so it gives it a nice flavor. For the beans, instead of using lard or oil, you can use the chicken broth to cook your beans to give it a good flavor and so you’re not using the fat.
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