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Language Poster
Type: Crafts   Skills: Language & LiteracySocial & Emotional Skills
With a Language Poster you can welcome a child who speaks a different language into your program. Besides putting the new child at ease, the rest of the children will become familiar with a culture and a language other than their own. The group will become more open to their differences and embrace them, instead of shying away from them. And when you introduce a new language into the program, other kids will pick up on words and actually learn a little. Language Poster
What We Learn
Language skills
Pre-writing skills
Socials skills
Trust and respect
Supply List
Poster board
Construction paper
Key words (such as: milk, food, water, toilet, teacher, Mom & Dad)
About a week or two before the new child starts your program, have a meeting with his or her parents. Give the parents a list of key words that they must translate into their language. The list should include words that the child needs in order to communicate with the provider and rest of the group. Words such as: Mom, Dad, food, water.

Make sure that the parents include the phonetic pronunciation of these words, so that everyone can learn how to speak them correctly.

Write the list of words, in both English and the native tongue (including pronunciation) on the construction paper. Glue the words onto the poster board and hang it at a child’s eye level so that everyone can see it.
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