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Sound Garden
Type: Music   Skills: Language & LiteracyPlay & Creativity
In a Sound Garden a child is allowed to explore sounds by clanging and banging different objects. Children love to make noise, so be prepared for the amount of clatter they’ll make with this activity. Sound Garden
What We Learn
Create different sounds
Tone and pitches
Supply List
Old pots & pans
Old hub caps
Metal & wooden spoons
Water bottles with small marbles inside
5-gallon size water bottle
Prepare your garden of instruments by gathering some old frying pans, old pots, old hub caps (make sure that there are no rough edges on them), small water bottles, a large 5-gallon water bottle and a bucket of metal and wooden spoons.

Place varying amounts of marbles in the small water bottles, making sure you securely cover the plastic screw on top with heavy duty tape so the children can’t accidentally open up the bottles.

Set the items out in your activities area and allow the children to sit on the floor and make noise. Encourage them to find ways to make new sounds by hitting the objects at different angles, or for instance, by using a metal spoon instead of a wooden one.
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