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Episode Guide
Week of 9/14/09 - 9/18/09 Next Week
Monday, September 14
Learning to Use the Potty
Topic: How should I teach my child to use the toilet?
Activity: Potty Learning Techniques
Video: Learning to Use the Potty Video
Resources: Child Care Aware
Episode No.: APLO5046
Originally aired 6/18/08
Tuesday, September 15
Managing Severely Challenging Behavior
Topic: How should I handle my child’s very aggressive behavior?
Activity: Pounding Activities
Video: Managing Severely Challenging Behavior Video
Resources: The National PTA
Episode No.: APLO5047
Originally aired 6/19/08
Wednesday, September 16
Medicines & Your Kids
Topic: What type of medicine can I give to my child?
Activity: Medicine Cabinet Checklist
Video: Medicines & Your Kids Video
Resources: The National Institute of Child Health & Human Development
Episode No.: APLO5048
Originally aired 6/20/08
Thursday, September 17
Divorce & Separation
Topic: How can I help children cope with a divorce?
Activity: Cut-Out Painting
Video: Divorce & Separation Video
Resources: The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Episode No.: APLO5049
Originally aired 6/21/08
Friday, September 18
Infant Illnesses & Week in Review
Topic: Is my baby’s condition a common illness or something more serious?
Activity: Medicine Cabinet Checklist
Video: Child Care Provider of the Week: Nancy Mancha Video
Episode No.: APLO5050b
Originally aired 6/22/08

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