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Episode Guide
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Monday, October 5
Kids & Oral Health
Topic: How should I care for my baby’s first teeth?
Activity: Tooth Finger Puppets
Video: Kids & Oral Health Video
Resources: Center For Disease Control & Prevention
Take Care Of Your Teeth (Rookie Read-About Health) by Don L. Curry
Episode No.: APLO5061
Originally aired 7/9/08
Tuesday, October 6
Best Activities Special
Topic: What are some great activities to do with my kids?
Activity: Ball Toss Game
Episode No.: APLO5062
Originally aired 7/10/08
Wednesday, October 7
Finding & Keeping Good Child Care
Topic: How can I make returning to work easier for both me and my baby?
Activity: Child Care Provider Checklist
Video: Finding & Keeping Good Child Care Video
Episode No.: APLO5063
Originally aired 7/11/08
Thursday, October 8
Topic: How do I begin the process of adopting a child?
Activity: Adoption Storybook
Video: Adoption Video
Resources: Adoption Exchange Association
Episode No.: APLO5064
Originally aired 7/12/08
Friday, October 9
Storytelling From A Cultural Perspective & Week in Review
Topic: How can I create a storybook that reflects my child’s cultural heritage?
Activity: Culturally Sensitive Storybook
Video: Child Care Provider of the Week: Nicole Chaudry Video
Episode No.: APLO5065b
Originally aired 7/13/08

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