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Episode Guide
Episode Guide
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Monday, October 12
Child of a Different Language
Topic: How do you care for a child who speaks a different language?
Activity: Family Portrait Book
Video: Cooking as a Cultural Activity Video
Resources: The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)
Project Q Kids
Children's Defense Fund
The California Association for Bilingual Education (CABE)
The National Latino Children's Institute (NLCI)
Mr. Rogers on Likenesses and Differences
California Tomorrow
Fun With Languages
Episode No.: APLO5066
Originally aired 1/3/08
Tuesday, October 13
Topic: How do we recognize, respect and care for children of different temperaments?
Activity: Musical Drawing
Video: How Temperament Influences Video
Resources: The California Child Care Healthline
The Preventive Ounce
Behavioral Developmental Initiatives
Episode No.: APLO5067
Originally aired 1/4/08
Wednesday, October 14
Language and Speech Delays
Topic: What should you do if you suspect a child has a language or speech delay?
Activity: Greg and Steve (II)
Video: Special Needs Video
Resources: American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Get Ready To Read
Greg and Steve’s Official Website
California Department of Developmental Services
Episode No.: APLO5068
Originally aired 1/5/08
Thursday, October 15
Parents’ Expectations
Topic: What’s the best way to respond to parents’ expectations regarding their children’s care and progress?
Activity: Shaving Cream Art
Video: Conference with Parents Video
Resources: PBS Booklists for Children, Parents and Child Care providers
California Child Care Resource & Referral Network
PBS Parents / Inclusive Communities
California Safe from the Start
PBS Parents
Project Q Kids
LAUSD/Early Childhood Educational Division
First 5 California
Episode No.: APLO5069
Originally aired 1/6/08
Friday, October 16
Dental Care & Week in Review
Topic: What should I know about the care of a baby's teeth?
Video: Child Care Provider of the Week: Maya Thomas-Bey Video
Episode No.: APLO5070b
Originally aired 1/7/08

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