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Episode Guide
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Monday, November 30
Importance of Dads in Children’s Lives
Topic: As a father, how can I become more active in my child’s life?
Activity: Kite Building
Video: Importance of Dads in Children’s Lives Video
Resources: Tapping Dad’s Potential: Getting Dad Involved in Parenting by Gregory Keer
Keep Kids Healthy – Tapping Dads
National Center on Fathers and Families
Episode No.: APLO5101
Originally aired 6/1/09
Tuesday, December 1
Literacy Through Picture Books
Topic: Do picture books help a child to read?
Activity: Homemade Picture Books
Video: Literacy Through Picture Books Video
Resources: Playful Reading: Positive, Fun Ways to Build the Bond Between Preschoolers, Books, and You by Carolyn Muson-Benson
The Potential of Picturebooks: From Visual Literacy to Aesthetic Understanding by Barbara Z. Kiefer
Sesame Workshop
Richard Scarry's Best Word Book Ever by Richard Scarry
Episode No.: APLO5102
Originally aired 6/2/09
Wednesday, December 2
Premature Babies
Topic: How can I best care for my premature child now that he’s home?
Activity: Homemade Picture Books
Video: Premature Babies Video
Resources: Prematurity
Episode No.: APLO5103
Originally aired 6/3/09
Thursday, December 3
Discipline & Temperament
Topic: Why don’t all children respond the same to discipline techniques?
Activity: Puppets
Video: Discipline and Temperament Video
Resources: Kids Health – “Disciplining Your Child”
KidTemp – A Temperament Perspective
The Preventive Ounce
The Temperament Perspective Working with Children’s Behavioral Styles by Jan Kristal
Your Child's Unique Temperament: Insights and Strategies for Responsive Parenting by Sandee Graham McClowry
Understanding Your Child's Temperament by William B. Carey, M.D.
Episode No.: APLO5104
Originally aired 6/4/09
Friday, December 4
Bringing a Pet into Your Child’s Life, Plus Week in Review
Topic: What should I consider before deciding whether to bring a pet into our home?
Activity: Homemade Picture Books
Video: Child Care Provider of the Week: Graciela Avila Video
Importance of Dads in Children’s Lives Video
Literacy Through Picture Books Video
Premature Babies Video
Discipline and Temperament Video
Resources: ASPCA Guide to Kids and Pets
Episode No.: APLO5105
Originally aired 6/5/09

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