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Episode Guide
Week of 12/21/09 - 12/25/09 Previous Week
Monday, December 21
Getting Baby to Sleep
Topic: How can I get my infant to sleep through the night?
Activity: More Answers to Your Questions About Sleep
Video: Getting Baby to Sleep Video
Resources: Child Care Aware
Episode No.: APLO5041
Originally aired 6/11/08
Tuesday, December 22
Reading to Babies & Toddlers
Topic: How should I introduce reading to my child?
Activity: Homemade Books (2)
Video: Reading to Babies & Toddlers Video
Resources: U.S. Department of Education
Episode No.: APLO5042
Originally aired 6/12/08
Wednesday, December 23
Safety Special
Topic: How can I protect my child from hidden dangers?
Activity: Childproofing Your Home
Video: Playground Safety Video
Resources: The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
Episode No.: APLO5043
Originally aired 6/13/08
Thursday, December 24
The Importance of Downtime
Topic: Am I over-scheduling my child's life?
Activity: Flashlight Downtime
Video: Family Downtime Video
Resources: Collaborative for Children
Episode No.: APLO5044
Originally aired 6/14/08
Friday, December 25
Managing Your Anger & Week in Review
Topic: How can I manage my frustration so I don't get angry with my kids?
Activity: Flashlight Downtime
Video: Child Care Provider of the Week: Lisa Weidknecht Video
Episode No.: APLO5045b
Originally aired 6/15/08

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