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Episode Guide
Episode Guide
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Monday, February 1
Positive Discipline
Topic: How can I teach kid's positive behavior without hurting their self-esteem?
Activity: Red Light! Green Light!
Video: Teaching Self-Regulation Video
Resources: The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)
The Education Development Center
Developmental Milestones
PBS / The Whole Child / Emotional Development
Episode No.: APLO3016
Originally aired 12/27/09
Tuesday, February 2
Print-Rich Environment (Part II)
Topic: How can I help a child recognize letters and words?
Activity: Homemade Surveys
Video: Print-Rich Environment at Home Video
Resources: The National Center For Family Literacy
Preschool Printables
PBS Booklists for Children, Parents and Child Care providers
The Public Library Association’s Early Literacy Program
Reading is Fundamental (RIF)
PBS Teacher Source
Teacher QuickSource
Episode No.: APLO3017
Originally aired 12/28/09
Wednesday, February 3
Attachment & Bonding
Topic: Is there such a thing as holding a baby too much?
Activity: Peek-A-Boo
Video: It’s Not Just Routine Video
Resources: The California Child Care Healthline
PBS / The Whole Child / Emotional Development
First 5 California
Episode No.: APLO3018
Originally aired 12/29/09
Thursday, February 4
Managing Anxiety
Topic: Why do children become anxious or upset?
Activity: Sticky Experiences
Video: Separation Anxiety Video
Resources: Developmental Milestones
California Child Care Health Program and the Child Care Healthline
Invest in Kids Foundation
The Child Anxiety
Episode No.: APLO3019
Originally aired 12/30/09
Friday, February 5
Top 5 Child Care Health Issues & Week in Review
Topic: What are the most common health issues relating to child care?
Video: Child Care Provider of the Week: Raúl Pérez Video
Teaching Self-Regulation Video
Print-Rich Environment at Home Video
It’s Not Just Routine Video
Separation Anxiety Video
Episode No.: APLO3020
Originally aired 12/31/09

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