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Episode Guide
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Monday, February 8
Reading to Infants
Topic: At what age should I start reading to a child?
Activity: Innovations in Storytelling
Video: Infant Reading Video
Resources: The Public Library Associationís Early Literacy Program
Media Literacy Guide / Sesame Workshop
PBS/ Between the Lions / Literacy Tips
The National Center For Family Literacy
Designing Early Literacy Programs: Strategies for At-Risk Preschool and Kindergarten Children
Reading is Fundamental / Reading Tips
Early Literacy Project
PBS Booklists for Children, Parents and Child Care providers
International Reading Association
Lectorum Books
Friends & Foundations of California Libraries
Reading is Fundamental (RIF)
PBS Teacher Source
Teacher QuickSource
Episode No.: APLO3021
Originally aired 11/15/09
Tuesday, February 9
Writing Names
Topic: What can I do to help a child learn how to write his or her name?
Activity: Playing Post Office
Video: Songs that Teach Names Video
Resources: The Center for Educational Partnerships
The National Center For Family Literacy
PBS Teacher Source
Episode No.: APLO3022
Originally aired 11/16/09
Wednesday, February 10
Discovering Science
Topic: How can I encourage my kids to learn about science?
Activity: Home Science Kit
Video: Science at your Doorstep Video
Resources: PBS Kids
The Education Development Center
Scholastic / Science
Teacher QuickSource
PBS Teacher Source
Episode No.: APLO3023
Originally aired 11/17/09
Thursday, February 11
Social Studies
Topic: How can I use my childrenís interest in their neighborhood as a lesson in social studies?
Activity: Habitat Map
Video: Neighborhood Social Studies Video
Resources: The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)
PBS Teacher Source
Teacher QuickSource
Episode No.: APLO3024
Originally aired 11/18/09
Friday, February 12
Communicating with Parents & Week in Review
Topic: What are some ways I can communicate with the parents of the children I care for?
Video: Child Care Provider of the Week: Kimberly Byrd Video
Infant Reading Video
Songs That Teach Names Video
Science at your Doorstep Video
Neighborhood Social Studies Video
Episode No.: APLO3025
Originally aired 11/19/09

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