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Episode Guide
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Monday, February 22
Ages & Stages: 1 to 2 Years
Topic: What should I know about my toddler’s development from 12 – 24 months?
Activity: Push Toys
Video: Ages & Stages: 1 to 2 Years Video
Resources: Child Care Aware - Rethinking the Brain
Episode No.: APLO3031
Originally aired 2/13/09
Tuesday, February 23
The Importance of Storytelling
Topic: How can I tell bedtime stories without being able to read myself?
Activity: Storytelling with Simple Props
Video: Storytelling Video
Resources: Child Care Aware - Rethinking the Brain
U.S. Department of Education
Episode No.: APLO3032
Originally aired 2/14/09
Wednesday, February 24
Low-Cost Health Services
Topic: How can I provide medical services for my kids without paying high sums of money?
Activity: Check-Ups and Immunizations
Video: Community Health Care Video
Resources: U.S Department of Health and Human Services
Episode No.: APLO3033
Originally aired 2/15/09
Thursday, February 25
Positive Discipline
Topic: How can I get my kids to listen to me when it comes to discipline?
Activity: Clean-Up Time Strategies
Video: Positive Discipline Video
Resources: Child Care Aware - Rethinking the Brain
Episode No.: APLO3034
Originally aired 2/16/09
Friday, February 26
Earned Income Tax Credits & Week in Review
Topic: What is the Earned Income Tax Credit and how do I qualify for it?
Activity: Push Toys
Video: Child Care Provider of the Week: Grace Alams Video
Ages & Stages: 1 to 2 Years Video
Storytelling Video
Community Health Care Video
Positive Discipline Video
Episode No.: APLO3035
Originally aired 2/17/09

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