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Episode Guide
Episode Guide
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Monday, April 5
Bullying Behavior
Topic: What are the signs a child is being bullied?
Activity: Pillow Punching
Video: Private Space Video
Resources: The California Child Care Healthline
The Peace Rug Company, Inc
Positive Action
Episode No.: APLO3061
Originally aired 12/6/09
Tuesday, April 6
Hearing Loss
Topic: What are the signs a child might have hearing loss?
Activity: Song Posters
Video: Hearing Loss Video
Resources: California Early Start
Healthy Child Care
Ask Dr. Sears
Episode No.: APLO3062
Originally aired 12/7/09
Wednesday, April 7
Preventing Obesity
Topic: What are some ideas to prevent obesity in children?
Activity: Healthy Foods in Your Pantry
Video: Preventing Obesity Video
Resources: Weight Control Information Network
Ask Dr. Sears
Sesame Workshop / Safety
Produce Marketing Association
Healthy Child Care
Episode No.: APLO3063
Originally aired 12/8/09
Thursday, April 8
Learning Areas
Topic: How can I create a fun activity room in a small space?
Activity: Recyclable Sculpture Art
Video: Small Space Learning Video
Resources: The National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC)
U.S. Department of Education
PBS Kids
Zero to Three: National Center For Infants, Toddlers and Families
PBS Teacher Source
Teacher QuickSource
Episode No.: APLO3064
Originally aired 12/9/09
Friday, April 9
Schedules for Kids of Different Ages & Week in Review
Topic: How do you schedule your day when caring for a wide age range of kids?
Video: Child Care Provider of the Week: Corvella Rosier Video
Private Space Video
Hearing Loss Video
Preventing Obesity Video
Small Space Learning Video
Episode No.: APLO3065
Originally aired 12/10/09

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