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Episode Guide
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Monday, April 19
Encouraging Honesty in Your Child
Topic: How can I teach my child to tell the truth?
Activity: Honesty Book
Video: Encouraging Honesty in Your Child Video
Episode No.: APLO4086
Originally aired 5/12/10
Tuesday, April 20
Building Vocabulary
Topic: How can I help my child learn new words?
Activity: Treasure Bottles
Video: Building Vocabulary Video
Episode No.: APLO4087
Originally aired 5/13/10
Wednesday, April 21
Rough & Tumble Play
Topic: Will rough and tumble play cause my child to become aggressive?
Activity: Rough Play Area
Video: Rough & Tumble Play Video
Episode No.: APLO4088
Originally aired 5/14/10
Thursday, April 22
Most Common Special Needs
Topic: What should I do if I suspect my child might have special needs?
Activity: Homemade Kazoos
Video: Most Common Special Needs Video
Episode No.: APLO4089
Originally aired 5/15/10

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