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Episode Guide
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Monday, May 10
Coping with Military Deployment
Topic: How can I help my child cope with the stress of military deployment?
Activity: Staying Connected to Loved Ones
Video: Coping with Military Deployment Video
Episode No.: APLO4101
Originally aired 6/2/10
Tuesday, May 11
How to Encourage Problem-Solving
Topic: How can I encourage my child to become a problem-solver?
Activity: Locks, Latches & Switches
Video: How to Encourage Problem-Solving Video
Episode No.: APLO4102
Originally aired 6/3/10
Wednesday, May 12
Caring for the Earth
Topic: How can I encourage my child to care for the environment?
Activity: Being Earth-Friendly in Your Home
Video: Caring for the Earth Video
Episode No.: APLO4103
Originally aired 6/4/10
Thursday, May 13
Saying Goodbye
Topic: How can I help my children cope with saying goodbye to the people they care about?
Activity: Letter Writing
Video: Saying Goodbye Video
Episode No.: APLO4104
Originally aired 6/5/10
Friday, May 14
Cold Medications for Your Child, Plus Week in Review
Topic: Are cold medications safe to give to my child?
Activity: Letter Writing
Video: Child Care Provider of the Week: Amber Cook Video
Episode No.: APLO6090
Originally aired 6/4/10

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