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Episode Guide
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Monday, May 17
Promoting Resilience
Topic: How can I help my child learn to bounce back after a tough time?
Activity: Rules and Routines
Video: Promoting Resilience Video
Episode No.: APLO4106
Originally aired 6/9/10
Tuesday, May 18
Drawing & Literacy
Topic: How does drawing help foster my child's literacy skills?
Activity: Sculpture Storybooks
Video: Drawing & Literacy Video
Episode No.: APLO4107
Originally aired 6/10/10
Wednesday, May 19
Your Child as an Investigator
Topic: How can I encourage my child's curiosity?
Activity: Become a Backyard Investigator
Video: Your Child as an Investigator Video
Episode No.: APLO4108
Originally aired 6/11/10
Thursday, May 20
Helping Your Child Through a Loss
Topic: How do I help my child through the loss of a loved one?
Activity: Cut-Out Painting
Episode No.: APLO4109
Originally aired 6/12/10
Friday, May 21
Picky Eaters, Plus Week in Review
Topic: How can I stop my child from being such a picky eater?
Activity: Become a Backyard Investigator
Video: Child Care Provider of the Week: Martha Alvarez Video
Episode No.: APLO6095
Originally aired 5/15/10

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